Cute birds!


These awesome birds are building nests on the park shelter I walk by most days, and it looks like someone’s trying to help them out by putting perches for them. That, or they’re barbs that are totally failing to keep them away.

These aren’t in my Wisconsin bird book, so the only thing I can tell you is that they aren’t barn swallows or tree swallows. Maybe you can tell me what they are. So many colors! Green, rust, yellow, brown, beige, white, pretty!

Recipe: Amarula Muffins (High Protein, Low Sugar, Gluten-free)

wp-1464655558779.jpgLook, I found yet another way to make moccachocarula muffins! Maybe most people wouldn’t care, but I do. And if you’re into stuff with lots of protein, no gluten and no added sugar (except what’s in the Amarula and chocolate, if you add chocolate), then it might be up your alley, too.

If not, fear not. I’ll run out of Amarula eventually.

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Housekeeping note

Hello readers,

I am planning to switch this site over to another host in the next couple weeks, meaning that it will no longer be hosted on This should get rid of the annoying video ads that sometimes pop up in my posts and give me more control over the look of the site.

If you keep up with my new posts via the Reader, you can continue to do so by adding to your followed blogs using the instructions here.

Recipe: Lemon-Cherry-Hazelnut Muffins (Vegan)


These muffins are chock-full of goodness: whole grains, hazelnuts, cherries, apples, and zucchini, plus a little booze to make everything even better. Assembling the muffins requires more steps than my usual recipes, but the taste makes it worth it—or so my non-vegan taste testers told me between bitefuls.


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