Recipe: Peanut Butter-Pretzel Granola Bars


I love sweet-and-salty granola bars, so I thought I’d try making my own using the dregs of my pretzel bag. Unlike my previous granola bar recipes, in which I used unsweetened dried coconut, I used sweetened coconut here to see if the bars would hold together better. They did! And though the bars were sweeter than I normally go for, they weren’t cloyingly sweet like store-bought ones. In fact, they were so delicious I might make them every week.

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Recipe: Mocha-Cream Muffins


I recently went to visit Mindy Celeste for the Christmas holidays. Before leaving, I threw my unused half-and-half into the freezer, since  it would have spoiled in the week I was gone. Alas, thawed half-and-half isn’t great in coffee. It tends to separate in the freezing process, so when you put it in your coffee you get a smattering of clotted fat globules floating on top. Yum.

But it works in baking just as well as the fresh stuff. What was there to do but make muffins?

Despite the cream, these muffins come out very dark thanks to the cocoa powder and coffee. Sweet potato adds moisture and a bit of sweetness, but otherwise you wouldn’t know it’s in there.

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Recipe: One-pot turkey & cauliflower curry

I just got back from a trip and didn’t want to go grocery shopping, so if I wanted to eat I was stuck with what I could find in my freezer and pantry. Nor did I feel much like cooking, so I wanted something that could be prepared with minimum fuss.

I considered eating nothing but the chocolates from my Christmas stockings, but this seemed to be an unwise dinner choice for a person susceptible to migraines. So I opened the freezer. On top of everything was a gallon bag containing a dismembered head of cauliflower I’d hastily tossed in the freezer prior to my departure. Beneath it was a log of frozen ground turkey. Cauliflower is great in curries, and I immediately thought of the turkey curry recipe I posted in August 2015.

Here it is in a new, wintry incarnation.


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Recipe: Happy Halloween with Pumpkin Muffins (High-Protein, Low Sugar)


It’s that pumpkin muffin time of year again! Since I’ve been experimenting with using protein powder in baking, I thought I’d try that with my pumpkin muffins.

I loved how they turned out. One might expect the protein powder to give them a medicinal taste, but it doesn’t. They just taste like, well, lightly sweetened pumpkin muffins.

Below I have the recipe just as I made it, but I probably shouldn’t have baked them at 400°F because whey browns faster than flour. (As you can see, my muffin has a bit of a toasted look. It tastes fine, but all those shows on the Food Network keep telling me presentation is just as important as taste, so there’s that.) If you’re making these for yourself, I’d recommend baking at 350°F for slightly longer.

Also, you may notice there is no added sweetener in this recipe. That’s intentional. Flavored whey powder is already sweetened (either with sugar or non-caloric sweetener), so there was no need.

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Dark Chocolate Apple Cider Muffins (Vegan, One-Bowl Recipe)


It’s cider season where I live. The half gallon sitting in my fridge prompted me to think of apple cider vinegar, which made me think of a chocolate vinegar cake I used to make all the time in high school. I pulled the long-neglected recipe card from my pre-internet recipe book and immediately decided not to follow it—well, not exactly.

I used the same amount of liquid as the old cake recipe, but instead of water and vinegar, decided to use that apple cider in my fridge for a truly seasonal recipe. And I cut the sweetener by 75 percent so I’d have a muffin and not a cupcake.

For the flour, you can use all white whole wheat or a mixture of white whole wheat and up to 3/4 cup of millet, oat, or other mild-tasting flour. (I used white whole wheat and millet.)

Bonus: Since this recipe has no butter to cream or eggs to beat, you dirty only one mixing bowl!

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